Gen AI For App Development

Supercharge your documents with prompts, and get whatever you need through the Farspeak API. Once you scan the documents, you can perform both CRUD and RAG on top of them.

Build your first app with Farspeak

1. Sign up, create your app, and get your token.
2. npm install farspeak
3. Follow the instructions.

Try it in the browser:

Gen AI For App Development

That's what you can do using Farspeak.

Across databases and datalakes

We currently support MongoDB Atlas. More to come soon. One layer for many databases. Single storage for nested structures.

Up-to-date embeddings

Embeddings are always up to date with your nested data. No synchronization headaches or storage overhead.

Unstructured and structured data support

You can use any data you want. We also have a Google Drive integration. Avoid overhead or multiple databases.


NLQ stands for natural language querying. You can use natural language to query your database.


NLD stands for natural language development. Over any stack, but we start with Jupyter Notebooks. AI helping you with code and insights from structured and unstructured data.

RESTful and natural language querying

Both RESTful and natural lanagues querying are available in Farspeak.

Key Features Of Farspeak

  • NLQ API. Natural language querying.
  • NLD API. Natural language development.
  • MongoDB Atlas support.
  • Up-to-date embeddings.
  • Single storage for nested structures.
  • Unstructured and structured data support.
  • RESTful and natural language querying.